Understand your child don’t Pressurise

Who says being a child is easy? who says that a child does not have any tension? Who says a child does not have any burden? who says a child never understands anything? Who says a child is an attention seeker? Who says their child every time makes excuses for their bad result?
Being a child in this competitive world is never easy. Because in this modern era a child is not just a student, he has various other responsibilities like proving him different from the crowd, to make his parents proud, to be always on the top in sports and other activities and sometimes he also has to prove himself among his friends.

But every time we adults fail to understand the pain and reason of the sadness behind our child’s behavior. As every individual parent and teacher needs to understand this only good marks can not open the doors for a bright future for their child. Every single child is unique in his / her own way and they are going to have an amazing future ahead but all they need is your support, care, and just a little motivation when needed and the most important part is never ever compare your child with any other child.

Being a parent or a teacher u should always tell your child that ” no matter what, u r always going to be our favorite and we know that one day u are going to make us proud “.

You know the worst part of a student’s life is that they have some dreams which no one understands, every child wants to share their problems, every child needs motivation, every child needs support and all this they want from their parents.

In the end, if you are a child then have a belief in yourself and if you are a parent or a teacher then start believing in your child.